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Recently I was thinking how nice it is to spend my life giving people Spiritual knowledge and I wrote this:

I am so fortunate to be able to assist in others becoming fortunate! For the last 16 years of my life I have been daily distributing the timeless transcendental wisdom translated into english by Srila Prabhupada. Daily I go out and meet so many people and offer them Srila Prabhupada’s books and they often look deep into my eyes with this intense look of focus, gratitude, amazement, and relief (relief because they are finally getting what their souls have been craving for, for so long, and is so valuable) and thank me repeatedly for doing what I do. It really is nice.

It is so nice NOT because it gives me a big ego trip that I am the one giving them this wonderful stuff and they are so grateful to me, but because it is really important and makes a difference in this world and touches people deep in their hearts! (And for me the most important thing is I know Srila Prabhupada really wants these books distributed.)

This service is not just profiteering or trying to work to get a few bucks to maintain my bodily existence trying to satisfy (or create/manipulate) the unending river of bodily or mental desires that we are helplessly carried away by, like being trapped on a roller-coaster ride that will not stop and there is no way off. Not a dreary job we do because we have to, so we do it with no fresh enthusiasm to try to really help the people that our job is there for. No, this is an offering of something real, a positive alternative to the boring dreariness of monotonous material life.

This activity of giving others Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental books is not even material welfare work of its unlimited varieties, but is eternal spiritual upliftment aimed at permanently ending the sojourn of the soul through countless lifetimes of material existence, so we can reawaken our dormant blissful spiritual identity and reenter the spiritual world and be finished with the dreary material existence once and for all!

Often times I show people the books and go through my spiel and everything and they tell me that they are not interested, but still, they sincerely thank me for doing what I am doing. Often times they do not want a book, but they are so inspired that I am out there really trying to help people and doing a good thing, that they offer me a donation to help the mission of spreading transcendental knowledge meant to awaken the sleeping souls, the sheep of the misdirected populace that are simply drowning in the ocean of ignorance.

Every day I meet people that are really looking for true transcendental wisdom, and are ready to awaken from their slumber of ignorance that they are helplessly drowning in without a ray of hope in any direction. Often times when I present the books to them, they kind of go into a type of shock and stand there staring at the books in great amazement and then after some time look up at me with great big eyes, not knowing what to say they just repeatedly say in a grave tone “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Sometimes they try to explain to me how much it means to them and how hard they have been looking for this type of stuff but just can’t find the words to express their hearts. They are so very grateful, words can not describe, but the look on their face burns into my mind and I know whatever suffering or difficulty I have to go through to travel so much, tolerate the cold, heat, rain, snow, lack of rest, lack of support, lack of comforts my body and mind so much desire, (even basic human needs that are all too often simply not an option if I want to continue this intense service of traveling and helping others) whatever it may be, all these countless looks that I have personally witnessed over the years and have left a permanent impression in the back of my scull, make me never be able to forget Srila Prabhupada’s immortal words when he says: “some day they will realize that what valuable books we have left for the study of the whole world. That will come.”

I know their gratitude is not actually to me, but it is actually an outpouring of spiritual gratitude coming directly from their very soul to Srila Prabhupada – the realized spiritual master, for working so hard to make this pure transcendental wisdom available. But I think that they may also be a little grateful to me – the messenger, for working so hard, spending my time to come out and meet so many people all day and introduce them to Prabhupada’s books. Taking all risks to simply give others transcendental wisdom. We do not just keep this wonderful wisdom for ourselves but spend our days making it available to others.  Our position is to just try to offer (without any expectations) wisdom to others. Just try to make it available in a loving gentle way.

I know that everyone already has this wisdom within them. But due to the fact the we are so externally and materially oriented we have lost sight of Krishna and the dormant wisdom we have within. These books and the potent acharya (“Acharya” = fully self-realized spiritual master that is able to guide others in their spiritual journey) Srila Prabhupada, are like catalysts to reawaken that pure essence of truth that divine love of Krishna we have sleeping within us.

The spiritual platform where this unmotivated benevolent love, wisdom and Krishna consciousness is coming from is on the platform of eternity so there is no hurry, no pressure towards the materialistically conditioned soul to embrace it. It is only the conditioned soul trapped in the bodily concept of life that will suffer in the platform of time and space if they don’t. The offer will be there, eternally waiting, if the conditioned soul likes to play in the cesspool of the material world, the offer will never expire. Only the conditioned soul will have to experience all the material suffering and material sensory so-called “pleasures” and pain due to not taking this offer. The messengers of the offer may come in so many different ways and with so many different faces but the offer will be there always ready and waiting, for the offer is to enter back into eternity to personally associate with Krishna the supreme eternal person, the source of everything. On the platform of bliss and happiness, of peace and real enjoyment, not of the material mind or bodily senses but of the self.

When the conditioned soul does not want to see it it will not be there and when the conditioned soul becomes again sincere the offer will again manifest a suiting form and be extended to that soul again.

It is so nice!

It is so nice that any one can also act as the messenger of Krishna’s divine love by simply giving others Srila Prabhupada’s books! Please download them for free from and freely read and distribute them. Or write to for prices on bulk orders of hard copies of the books and distribute them. or just visit the

All glories to the spiritual master, his divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who has so mercifully provided us with this transcendental wisdom!

Hare Krishna!

Prahlada-Nrsimha das

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