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Get real and keep it real!

Get real, we’re real people. We have real people needs. We are not pure devotees. Who are we fooling?  We are not Prabhupada nor are we Paramahamsas. We are just conditioned souls struggling with our ego’s and trying to learn to love Krishna. There have been so many big big devotees in ISKCON that have made a big big show, and then, they simply succeeded in making a big big crash. As Bob Marly has said “The harder they come the harder they fall, one and all.” So we have real people needs and desires that are not just going to disappear. But it is better to have devotees to talk to and be with then karmies. So we need to be mature and humble enough with our selves and with others to be real friends. We need to love each other and our selves enough to not think we are big advanced devotees. But we need big advanced devotees in our lives so that is where Srila Prabhupada comes in to save the day. It is said in the Nectar of Instruction chapter 5 “a disciple should be careful to accept an uttama-adhikari as a spiritual master.” So we may have so many people in our lives that are not advanced and we may not be advanced, our initiating guru may not even be advanced, BUT if we have Srila Prabhupada in our lives as the spiritual master that we turn to that we keep in our heart then it all will be ok. because Srila Prabhupada is an uttama-adhikari he can give us the connection to Krishna that we need. Only someone that possesses Krishna can give Krishna and Prabhupada possesses Krishna!

If we pretend we are something we are not where will that get us? If others are pretending they are something they not how can they help us? They cannot even help themselves. How is that going to help us actually advance to simply pretend and wish and make a show? How is it going to help us to follow those that are pretending and making a show? Why not be who we really are, and why not be with others that are who they really are, and just be real with each other? This way we may ACTUALLY advance. If we are really where we really are then we can deal with the real issues that we are really facing. BUT on the other hand if we pretend to be something we are not then the issues that we are really facing will not be dealt with but will simply grow and grow to control us! We will not make any progress, rather we will regress.

If we support those that are not really where they are then we are really not helping them. We really will also become delusioned by deludedly following them and we will really be lost.

So just get real and keep it real and associate with other real people, then we will have a really nice time in real Krishna consciousness!

Hare Krishna!

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